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6 Tasty Foods to Help You Lose Fat


Are you attempting to shed a few pounds? Feeling full in between meals might be beneficial.

Healthy body types come in various sizes and forms. While weight reduction isn’t a silver bullet for good health, and not everybody needs to lose weight, it could be something you would like to aim towards if you want to feel your best.

The key is to concentrate on the nutrients included in certain foods. According to research, following 8 foods may encourage a healthy fat loss journey if you’re trying to lose weight.

1. Protein-rich breakfast with egg

Chubby men and women who normally prefer two eggs in the morning lost more weight than those who ended up eating bagels, in an eight-week research published in International Journal of Obesity. Eggs may aid weight reduction since they are high in protein and breaking down a protein takes more energy than breaking down a carbohydrate, which is included in many morning items such as bagels, cereals, and muffins. If you’re concerned about excessive cholesterol, you might want to consume more egg whites than yolks, however chances are you won’t need to.

2. Yoghurt with berry-and-nut

Low-fat Greek yoghurt provides over 20 grams of protein per seven-ounce serving, which is higher than normal Greek yoghurt. It’s also high in probiotics, which are good for your intestines. It’s more enticing to newcomers because of its smoother texture and milder flavour, and if you want, you add berries and nut for taste.

3. Green Romaine lettuce

Romaine lettuce satisfies your hunger while also hydrating you. For 8 calories, 1 cup of shredded lettuce includes roughly half gram of protein and a gram of fibre. If salads aren’t your thing, quarter a head lengthwise then cook it on the grill. Drizzle a very little balsamic vinegar and olive oil over it. Simple, filling, and tasty.

4. Air-popped popcorn

Some snacks are better than others, such as popcorn, and the finest snacks to consume are low in fat, high in nutrition, and help you stay full for a long time. Popcorn is indeed high in fibre, which makes it a satisfying snack. A cup of air-popped popcorn contains 1.2 g of fibre and 30 calories, but because a serving of popcorn is frequently more than 1 cup, the fibre accumulates. A meal must contain at least 2.5 grammes of fibre to be considered an excellent source of fibre; this may be obtained by eating (nearly) two cups of popcorn.

5. Start a meal with Soup

If you begin a meal with just a cup of soup, you may find that you eat less. This doesn’t matter if the soup is chunky or pureed as long as it’s broth-based. The soup should have a calorie count somewhere between 100 to 150 per serving. So ignore the cream and butter.

6. Bowlful of Lentils

lentils have the distinct advantages of being rich in proteins and fibre, low in fat, and high in slow-digesting carbs that keep you fuller for longer than some other foods. They’re also high in B vitamins and essential minerals, calcium, potassium, and zinc. One cup of boiling lentils has around 18 grams of protein and roughly 16 gms of fibre.

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