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Coeptis Therapeutics will team up with SPAC, Uplist’s Nasdaq


Animation: CD38-GEAR-NK are modified NK cells that can avoid ablation with CD38 antigen-targeting therapy, combining passive immunity with innate active immunity to more effectively target and eradicate CD38 + malignancies. Source: Coeptis Therapeutics

Coeptis Therapeutics (COM) COEP) announced on Tuesday that it has agreed to merge with special purpose company Bull Horn Holdings ( BHSE).

Coeptis shareholders will receive a $ 175 million stake in Bull Horn.

The deal is expected to close in the third quarter of 2022. The combined company is expected to be listed on the Nasdaq under the symbol “COEP”. Coeptis is currently traded on over-the-counter markets under this symbol.

Coeptis is developing a cancer cell therapy platform based on cell therapy technology called CD38-GEAR-NK

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. The company is also developing an in vitro diagnosis targeting CD38-related cancer.

CD38-GEAR-NK is a therapeutic candidate based on natural killer cells (NK), developed for combination therapy with monoclonal antibodies against CD38 (mAb).

CD38-Diagnostic is an in vitro preclinical screening tool for the potential pre-determination of which cancer patients are likely to benefit from targeted anti-CD38 mAb therapy, either as monotherapy or in combination with CD38-GEAR-NK.

“Today’s announcement is a key milestone for Coeptis as it gains access to the capital needed to promote our product portfolio dedicated to CD38-GEAR-NK and CD38-Diagnostic,” said CEO David Mehalik. “The combination of CD38-GEAR-NK and CD38-Diagnostic may provide a more targeted administration of anti-CD38 mAb in the treatment of cancers including multiple myeloma, chronic lymphocytic leukemia and acute myeloid leukemia.”

Investment dissertation

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Coeptis Therapeutics is currently trading very weakly in the OTC market, averaging less than 6,000 shares traded per day.

This merger with SPAC provides a much-needed lifeline for Coeptis investors as Bull Horn simply makes the acquisition term. In October 2020, Bull Horn raised $ 75 million for an IPO with an 18-month window to complete the transaction.

Initially, Bull Horn was looking for a company in the sports and entertainment industry, but that focus has clearly changed.

  • Coeptis now has the opportunity to continue to jointly develop the therapeutic and diagnostic tools CD38-GEAR-NK with its partner VyGen-Bio, a wholly owned subsidiary of the private company Vycellix. VyGen-Bio platforms were discovered by scientists at the Carolingian Institute in Stockholm.
  • For those investors with a high risk tolerance, we believe Coeptis is worth a speculative look.
  • There is a great need for improved treatments for cancers that overexpress CD38 protein (CD38 +). Coeptis is a company at a very early stage, but now it has a runway to prove that its platform can offer a viable solution for a number of cancer indications.


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