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Egg price hikes impacting Denver bakery


DENVER (KDVR) — Eggs prices are continuing to climb, hitting consumers and small business owners hard.

The owners of Denver bakery French For Sugar use eggs in just about everything and said they’re feeling the impact.

Michelle and Garrett Weekley opened French for Sugar, located off Colfax Avenue and Marion Street six years ago.

“This was something I had done my whole life with my grandmother,” Michelle said. “She is the inspiration for everything we’ve done here.”

Like many other bakeries, they depend on eggs.

“Everything that we specialize in now is egg-based. I mean, we have to have it,” Michelle said.

Back in September 2022, Michelle said they paid $13.29 for 60 eggs, and on Jan. 9, she said they paid $30.59 for 60 eggs.

According to a recent Fox Business article, the average cost of a dozen eggs is over $5, compared to $1.47 this time last year, a 247% increase.

“It really gets frightening because you live through a pandemic and slow times coming out of that and everything else and you emerge and you’re like, ‘great’ and then something like this comes along,” Michelle said.

Michelle said they’re making adjustments to make ends meet.

“I think we’re going to have to cut some of the things off our menu and kind of scale back a little bit on stuff,” Michelle said. “Eggs are one of the things we just cannot live without. It’s a very essential ingredient for what we do.”

As a small business owner, Michelle said they’re so thankful for their loyal customers.

“Somehow we’re still here and we’ve made it through, so that tells me that there’s something here and it’s worth fighting for,” Michelle said.

The skyrocketing prices for eggs are largely attributed to the Avian Flu, inflation and new Colorado cage-free egg rules that started in January 2023.

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