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There is nothing like a classic design, but there is a huge skill in updating the old look for modern sensibility. Brian Ramsey, of Designed by Brian Ramsey, made a name for himself in achieving this with ease. Recognized at the 2021 North America Business Elite Awards with the title of its best high-end garden design firm – Mid-Atlantic USA, we took the time to delve a little deeper into the secrets of their success.

By turning to Bryan Ramsey Design, you can be confident in an approach to your garden that encompasses the potential of what the environment has to offer. Where many will try to change what natural beauty has to offer, Brian Ramsey celebrates what she brings to the table. His work enhances what is already there, composing new elements to create a completely unique space. His eye for artistry sets him apart from the competition.

Brian has spent years working in the design industry, with a wealth of experience which means he knows every trade trick, not only when it comes to stunning architectural feats, but also in terms of mixing these aspects with plants and flowers to create truly stunning details . His awareness of plant culture and how to use it became the basis of gardens along and across the United States.

The styles that are a hallmark of Brian Ramsey’s work are a light combination of modern and rare plants, as well as garden designs such as fences and sofas, which are alternately distinctive but instantly classic in appearance. Its gardens are unlike anything you’ve seen before, but they capture a spirit and atmosphere that is really very familiar. These are gardens as you remember them, not as they were.

A proud Virginia resident, Brian holds a double degree in landscape design and gardening from the University of North Carolina, studying landscape architecture at the University of West Virginia and art and architecture at the Louisiana University of Technology in Rome, Italy. He brings this unique knowledge of the Mid-Atlantic to every project and can use them to demonstrate a wide variety of different materials. In this way, it is easy for him to satisfy the specific needs and desires of the garden that arise.

The incredible designs developed by Brian have recently attracted international attention by being broadcast on television. Backyard Staycation and Chesapeake Fix from Design Network on HGTV have allowed people around the world to watch him and his team transform landscapes into a truly unique environment. It was the perfect showcase for his stunning designs and led to some really great moments being captured on camera.

When it comes to finding an individual garden solution, you should turn to Brian Ramsey. His view of accuracy and devotion to detail have earned him aplomb over the years. We celebrate his huge success and look forward to what gorgeous designs he creates in the future.

For business questions contact Brian Ramsey, Brian Ramsey Design through [email protected] or through https://bryanramseydesign.com/.

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