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Gas inflation is having a major impact on food banks in Horry County


MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Gas inflation is having a major impact on food pantries in Horry County.

Lowcountry Food Bank leaders in Myrtle Beach said transportation costs have more than doubled since this time last year.

In order to combat inflation, staff said they are having to reallocate their resources because they are spending so much more on fuel.

Gas inflation isn’t the only issue they’re facing at the moment. Animal proteins like beef and pork are in short supply as well.

Heather Singleton, Lowcountry Food Bank regional manager said to combat that they are switching to vegetable proteins to make sure people get enough food.

“We know that due to inflation, rising costs of gas, which in turn is increasing the price of food, it’s getting more challenging for many families,” Singleton said. “There is food available, there are continual resources in this area for food for families.”

The food bank is also experiencing a volunteer shortage.

Lowcountry Food Bank normally has two or three food distribution events a month, but they are having a hard time getting volunteers.

“We’ll go out there with maybe three or four Lowcountry [Food Bank] staff, and it really takes about 15 to 20 people to put together a drive-thru distribution. We serve about 350 families out there, which works out to about 1200 people, so we desperately need volunteers at our drive-thru distributions,” Singleton said.

Singleton said they distributed 7.6 million pounds of food in Horry County last year. She said the number of people they serve is continuously increasing.

“Unfortunately, we don’t always have what those families are looking for, in the way of food, just mainly when it comes to protein, but the food is still there,” Singleton said. “There are many many resources that are continual sources of food supplies for those who are food insecure.”

Singleton said they partner with about 54 agencies in Horry County to distribute food.

The food bank is accepting donations Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 4716 Northgate Blvd. in Myrtle Beach. Highly requested items include canned proteins, beans, tuna and peanut butter.

Volunteer opportunities can be found on their website.

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