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How fast food robots help solve the problem of labor shortages


In an effort to find workers and relieve staff of boring, repetitive tasks, fast-food chains are adding robots to their kitchens.

Using artificial intelligence, computer vision technology and a mechanical arm, Flippy 2 by Miso Robotics was deployed in ChipatlWhite Castle and Wing area. White Castle said it plans to add 100 Flippy robots to work with the frying station at restaurants across the country.

“The situation has changed, it’s no longer a question of whether robotics will come to the industry,” said Jake Brewer, chief strategy officer of Miso Robotics. “It is predestined. The question is at what pace and in what form.”

Up to 82% of restaurant positions could be replaced to some extent robots, according to a forecast by restaurant consultant Aaron Allen & Associates. Automation could save U.S. fast-food restaurants more than $12 billion in annual labor costs, the group says.

Other companies the space includes Picnic, whose pizzeria can make up to 130 oven-ready pizzas per hour, and Autec, with its line of sushi robots.

So what impact will robots have on the fast food industry and the livelihoods of its workers? To find out, CNBC took a look behind the scenes at restaurant robot maker Miso Robotics.

Watch the video to learn more.

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