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Singapore – Quality of Life

Singapore – Quality of Life

The quality of life in any country is a sum total of the measurement of one’s satisfaction in all aspects of living. It refers to the total calibration of all the factors like economical ,social, political ,physical and spiritual well being.Singapore though tiny in size but enormous in terms of quality life and sustainability. It is designated as “The Happiest Country” in South-East Asia. Family and community quality life is given utmost priority in this country of exceptions. English is prevalent here as first language making a comfortable stay for all . Safety and low criminal rates enhances the beauty of Singapore .

There are numerous factors playing key roles as deciding factors for the quality of life here. These are Political and Social Environment , Economic environment , Socio-Cultural Environment , Health and Sanitation , Schools and Education ,Public services and transportation, Recreation, Natural environment ,Consumer goods and Housing .

The Public services and Transportation is one of the factor responsible for the immense growth of Singapore. Excellent urban planning and pollution control are the key consideration for this “Garden City”. Its awareness for the need of clean air, clean water , clean energy , managing traffic overcrowding ,water conservation ,reliable energy supply i.e., huge respect towards conservation of natural environment are a major throwback in highlighting the priority of this tiny yet great nation. Well-planned parks and Nature Reserves here adds to its explicit beauty.

The Pollutant Standard Index (PSI) of Singapore remains in the range of “good” to “moderate”. The Air Quality here is much in a better range than many Asian cities .The ban on “smoking” in public places contributes to this achievement. Pre-cool air handling units (PAU’s) have  becomea widely accepted method of treating outside air for Singapore ACMV design engineers. Singapore has recorded immense growth in Integrated Water Resource management and in recognition for this massive achievement ,the National water Agency , Public Utilities board was awarded with the prestigious Stockholm Industry water Award in 2007.

Singapore witnesses hassle-free , efficient and affordable transportation system including taxis , buses and the Mass Rapid Transport (MRT)rail system. It is quite safe and at the same time maintains cleanliness. It is completely Air-conditioned and runs untiringly the entire day until midnight extending a free-flow movement , connecting the places around. Taxis are cheap and affordable here in comparison to the western world.The laws enforced here compel the drivers not to charge even a cent more than the noted meter reading.

The Government has introduced Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) System to regulate traffic congestion .This means that you have to pay a minimum fee when you use certain congested roads and expressways in the CBD.Leasing a vehicle is cheaper here than owning it.

The rules imposed here confer upon the citizens to follow them strictly which in turn contributes in enhancing and glorifying Singapore’s uniqueness.


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