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Smart Nation (Singapore)

Islands are imagined as places  toexplore and are imaginedas exceptional. It is visualised as places like no others. These are the factors that determine the exceptionality of Singapore as a Smart Nation. A program launched by the government in 2014 played a key role in moulding Singapore as an exceptional place for Technology – Oriented experiments meant for business development well-known as Tech-business Experimentalism.

The smart-Nation innovation program devised of as an example of tech-business experimentalism exemplifies Singapore as an exceptional territory and a territory of exceptions. The island turning into a test bed depends entirely on the policies showcasing exceptionality.

Tech-business experimentalism characterise a regime of innovation that obviously gives reference to the laboratory and experimental practices in connection with accompanying entrepreneurial ventures. This is to strand a connection between technical experiments and current practices of business development. The small yet imaginative and innovative island has scaled its contribution in channelising visions of Science and Technology.

Business scale at a fast pace in response to the innovative ideas to tune it up. The ongoing Pandemic has brought a revolution in the world of both large scale and small scale businesses. Pandemic has brought the digital world into the forefront .The businesses today are migrating  online extending new possibilities for tech startups in turn building unique models for businesses. The sudden sprang of technological intervention has opened up many business ideas that is the key to success in the world of business.

The EdTech startup industry gained immense popularity in the recent years when education system experienced a sudden degradation.These EdTech startups were the linking chain between the teachers , the students and the parents providing online learning tools and contributing in abridging the gap in the education system. These have become so popular that investors are gladly investing high in EdTech startups.





The ventures and Equity financing for EdTech startups has more than  doubled in the recent times according to the CB Insights report .A rise from $4.8 billion in 2019 to $12.58 billion worldwide last year has been recorded.

Many Schools, Institution and other academic centres have completely shifted online wherein  startups secure funds and continues to grow. This Pandemic has triggered  a vast demand for online coaching businesses showing the opportunities for Tech Startups in EdTech Industry.Byju’s is an EdTech company from India that is constantly transforming the world of Education.

The EdTech companies have experienced a transition globally and Singapore has been repeatedly ranked among the top 5 countries in the world related to Educational outcomes. EdTech in Singapore has evolved tremendously ranging from access of online content to learner data analysis, gamification , social learning and personalized learning solutions thereby assisting students learn more efficiently. Singapore has 339 EdTech startups.The top among them are  XSEED Foundation for life,CIALFO, Knowledge platform , Amdon ,TIGERHALL, Gnowbe ,Tueetor ,Teamie , Geniebook , ACKTEC Technologies etc.


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