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11 Venetian Causeway bridges to be replaced

Written by Gabriela Henriquez Stoikow  on May 3, 2022


County commissioners approved on Tuesday a $10.6 million agreement between EAC Consulting and the Florida Department of Transportation to design plans to replace 11 bridges of the Venetian Causeway from Miami to Miami Beach.

Work on the plans is set to start immediately. About four years of construction is expected to begin 2.75 years after a notice to proceed.

The company already made a project development and environment study for rehabilitation or replacement of the bridges awarded by the Florida Department of Transportation in June 2012.

The county is now taking over that agreement and amending it to enable EAC to provide final design and plan preparation services to replace the 11 bridges, a memorandum from county Chief Operations Officer Jimmy Morales says.

The resolution also approves a program agreement between the state and the county proving for project coordination and potential future state project funding if it becomes available.

The $10.6 million agreement includes a $969,199.04 contingency for unforeseen work. The agreements are for designs only.

The Venetian Causeway, built in 1926, connects mainland Miami to Miami Beach across Biscayne Bay through six man-made residential islands linked by 10 fixed bridges and two movable bridges.

The bridges were listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1989 and designated by the cities of Miami and Miami Beach as a local historic landmark.

The restoration was part of an unsolicited proposal by a group of firms identified as the Plan Z Consortium, composed of equity investor entity Partners Group (USA) Inc., and consultant entities Zyscovich Architects and J Kardys Strategies LLC to design, build, finance, operate and maintain the Rickenbacker Causeway and the Venetian Causeway.

After residents, businesses and elected leaders asked the county to leave the Venetian Causeway out of a county competitive solicitation, the Venetian was removed from the plans.

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