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5 Reasons to skip the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra


The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is the newest Android flagship that has captivated the world’s attention. So, just in case you were considering an upgrade to a new phone, there may be something keeping you from making a final choice on whether to purchase or skip on the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Factors you must be aware of before making a decision about it

Discomfort in Holding

The Galaxy S22 Ultra’s new look is substantially different from its own predecessor. Because it’s essentially a Galaxy Note, the gadget features sharp squared corners rather than the rounded ones found on the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Many people like its design, while others don’t like it since it’s so awkward to hold. Sharp edges can be bothersome, especially for persons who have tiny hands.

Performance isn’t the best

The new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor that powers the Galaxy S22 Ultra in the United States has a lot going for it, including a speedier AI engine and compatibility for more camera features, but it does not seem to be a significant performance improvement. Early benchmarks, such as 3DMark for graphics and real-world video editing test, indicate significant gains over the Galaxy S21 Ultra in several areas. While benchmarks often exaggerate performance differences, there’s no arguing that Apple’s A15 Bionic is the fastest mobile chipset on the market right now.

Ordinary Camera Design

When Galaxy S21 Ultra had released, its camera module design wasn’t for everyone, but you have to agree that it was unique. If you spotted somebody on the street with a phone that looked like that, you knew they had the S21 Ultra. With the S22 Ultra, this is not the case. The new camera layout is lovely, but it isn’t unique. At the very least, not completely. When you compare it to the other Galaxy A series, you’ll see how comparable the two cameras are.  The S22 Ultra loses part of its reputation and bragging rights.

Less RAM and Storage

To be fair, we don’t want to focus on the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s price, but if we’re paying four figures for a phone, we’d want it to have all the bells and whistles and the cheapest model’s 8GB of RAM just isn’t enough. Don’t get us wrong: 8GB of RAM is still sufficient, and you won’t need any more if you’re a light user. However, if you are a frequent gamer or heavy user, this difference will be noticeable, and it may even damage your multitasking skills. The Galaxy S21 Ultra’s entry-level configuration had 12GB of RAM, but Samsung reduced it to 8GB for the current model. That might be due to the increased expense of memory, but having to pay the same amount for a smartphone with less RAM is still a pain. It would also have been nice to have more storage than the 128GB offered in the base model.

A bit pricey

So, $1,199 for a phone is a lot of money. The iPhone 13 Pro Max starts at $100 less than the Galaxy S22 Ultra, and you can get a 256GB iPhone 13 Pro Max for the same $1,199 as the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The Pixel 6 Pro is the finest camera phone for Android users — is also more reasonable, costing $899.

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