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Best advice on job diversity and inclusion in 2021


The FutureWork Institute Inc. is a global consulting firm that broadcasts future trends and transforms organizations. Recognized as the best advisory service on diversity and inclusion in the workplace, FutureWork is a certified women’s business operating on five continents, acting as an incubator of innovation and change in addressing current and future workplace and market challenges.

FutureWork Institute Inc has a mission to help its clients achieve “mind shift”, “heart shift” and “skills shift”, creating a more inclusive culture and environment focused on the future, the workplace and the market.

The combination of these three shifts focuses on several components, such as scenario planning, employee focus groups, best practice landmarks, virtual reality simulators, cultural competency training, and manager toolkits, and these are just a few. These specialized areas are led by a consulting team that has been working for more than 25 years in diversity, leadership and career advancement, which is a leading success achievement of major organizations around the world.

At FutureWork, its core team of global network consultants simulates inclusion and new ways of doing business. Margaret Regan, president and CEO of the company, extends this concept by stating: “We help clients discover innovative ways to make their jobs places where all talent can make extraordinary contributions to the business. We are a firm that focuses on the future of diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) through the integration of talent management, leadership and diversity work; linking the work of DEI customers with business strategy ”.

In essence, Futurwork’s business strategy is based on inventing new ways for customers to learn and collaborate. Thus, providing a changed approach to management and DEI, which focuses on the profitability of its client.

“Our business model provides maximum flexibility, economy and immediate customer response. We combine the quality standards of our roots at Towers Perrin with the agility of a small firm to give customers the experience they need and the value they deserve, ”says Margaret. Working on the basis of respect, diversity and fairness, its inclusion and global thinking have not changed since its launch in 2001.

In addition, FutureWork manages a member organization of DEI consultants called The Inclusion Allies Coalition. When the coalition was first formed, it had about 60 members, and now, thanks to rapid recognition and a well-known reputation, it has grown to 750.

Margaret expands on this by describing the goals of the organization, stating that we are a coalition of organizations and practitioners who strive for diversity, equity and inclusion in our organizations and society. We provide resources, advocacy, networking and webinars for dialogues through a variety of differences to promote inclusion. In addition, we are allies for those who feel marginalized and advocate for inclusive policies and practices. ”

For FutureWork, the goal is to become the leading voice of DEI practitioners worldwide. Because Covid-19 is devastating to business, the company quickly realized that the pandemic would not change its vision.

Fortunately, the company has managed to address the marginalization of communities by creating webinars organized by the Coalition of Allies for Inclusion, which was done to educate members about the pandemic impact on black, Hispanic, Latin American, Asian, indigenous communities and individuals. with disabilities.

As for the future of the company, the organization has moved to a new direction of work, combining the idea of ​​future trends and the work of DEI. Margaret explains, “We help clients create their metaworlds and organize training sessions on how to avoid hate speech, racism, sexism and other ‘isms’ when people interact in virtual reality.”

The company has built a whole new business based on Mark Zuckerberg’s statement regarding the Metasworld and its evolution as a “new Internet”, combined with the personal experience of Margaret Regan, who has worked in the Metasworld for over 15 years. Together with its subsidiary CNDG / UniVirtual building Metaverses for its customers, FutureWork embarks on another adventure, rethinking the FutureWork Institute.

For business inquiries contact Margaret Regan at The FutureWork Institute, Inc. via [email protected] or www.futureworkinstitute.com.

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