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Can Eating Raw Garlic Cure Acne? TikTok’s Viral Trend Investigated


A viral trend on TikTok suggests that consuming raw garlic can cure acne, with videos showing individuals grimacing as they ingest spoonfuls or whole cloves. However, dermatologists are skeptical about these claims, emphasizing that while garlic is nutritious, there’s scant evidence supporting its efficacy in treating acne. They advocate consulting dermatologists and focusing on overall health and dietary improvements instead.

“Garlic does have health benefits, but its ability to clear acne remains unsubstantiated,” notes dermatologist Dr. Brooke Jeffy. “There are more reliable acne treatments and scientifically grounded nutritional strategies that aren’t linked to this garlic trend.”

Dr. Anthony Rossi speculates that garlic’s perceived acne-curing properties might stem from myths and legends about its health benefits. Despite its antioxidant content, which can benefit skin health, similar benefits can be derived from fruits, vegetables, and certain types of dark chocolate. Dr. Jeffy also recommends avoiding dairy and processed foods to manage acne.

“People often seek quick fixes,” Dr. Jeffy explains. “When influencers promote a fast remedy, it’s tempting to believe in it. Unfortunately, acne treatment rarely offers such easy solutions.”

Understanding the Link Between Diet and Skin Health

While diet’s impact on skin health is complex and subject to ongoing research, dermatologists stress the importance of assessing overall health, including diet, when addressing skin issues.

“Everyone’s body reacts differently to various foods, especially with acne,” Dr. Rossi highlights. “If traditional acne treatments haven’t worked, evaluating your diet could be beneficial.”

While garlic may not resolve acne, its nutritional benefits make it a valuable addition to a healthy diet.