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Cryptocurrencies that show signs of life


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Cryptocurrencies are a libertarian medium of exchange because they trade without the influence of central banks and governments. Fiat currencies derive value from the full faith and credit of governments that issue legal tender. Central banks, monetary authorities and governments can increase or decrease the money supply to their liking to influence economic and political agendas.

The value of a cryptocurrency, by contrast, is a function of the rate of purchase and the offer of sale. When buyers are more aggressive, prices move up, and when sellers outperform buyers, they move lower. The explosive move in the leading cryptocurrency, bitcoin, raised the price from five cents per token in 2010 to a high of nearly $ 69,000 in mid-November 2021. Although the price increase was unprecedented, for leading crypto-and it was a difficult path. another – more than 18,770 cryptocurrencies trading in the asset class. Meanwhile, whether crypto prices are moving up or down, the number of new tokens entering the market every day continues to rise.

Cryptocurrencies remain an evolving asset class. Rising prices in recent years have caused speculative frenzy, which has led to rising and falling prices. Wild price fluctuations are a paradise of opportunities for traders who keep their fingers crossed on the pulse of the markets. However, the price difference can be a nightmare for passive investors looking for a stable income.

After the last collapse of prices, cryptocurrencies are ready to take off again.

From November 10 to January 24, the leading cryptocurrencies fell in value by more than half

Developed wedge

  • During the week of March 21, Bitcoin and Ethereum continued to receive lower highs, but they reached higher lows since January 24th.
  • The picture of the wedge led to a narrowing of trade ranges.
  • In the week of March 28, futures on Bitcoin and Ethereum exceeded the level of technical resistance at the highs of the week of February 7.

Ethereum turned out to be lower than bitcoin in the first quarter, but that seems to have changed

  • In the first quarter, bitcoin fell 0.73% and Ethereum fell 9.94%.
  • After a low on January 24, bitcoin futures recovered 30.2% to $ 42,785.
  • Over the same period, futures on Ethereum rose 50.4% to $ 3,246.50.

Proof of share over proof of work – micro-options increase liquidity

  • Bitcoin remains the leading cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of more than $ 809 billion at $ 42,785.
  • Ethereum ranks second with nearly $ 390 billion at $ 3,246.50 per token.
  • Ethereum releases Ethereum 2.0, which replaces Proof of Work with Proof of Stake. Bitcoin works with the Proof of Work protocol.
  • Proof of Stake is much more energy efficient than Proof of Work because it requires less computing power.
  • CME has deployed put and call options on micro-futures contracts on Bitcoin and Ethereum. Derivatives are likely to increase liquidity in the futures arena.

The recent collapse in prices could be a prelude to the next explosion

  • Long-term trends in leading cryptocurrencies remain bullish.
  • In 2010, bitcoin traded at 5 cents, and in 2016 – at 11.13 dollars Ethereum.
  • Price explosions have led to explosions and again to explosions in recent years.
  • Buying a crypt at a weak price was the best approach.
  • An increasing number of stocks, ETF products and ETNs, including BITQ, BITO, RIOT, MARA, COIN and others, are moving lower and lower with asset class.
  • A break above the level of technical resistance could mean that the price collapse ended on January 24, and another explosion is on the horizon.

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