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DIY Carole Baskin Halloween Costume for Under $40 – Shop – Hollywood Life

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If you want to pay tribute to the gem of Netflix The king of tigers you’re in luck this Halloween. It’s surprisingly easy to dress up Joe Exotic nemesis, Carol Baskin! We’ve found the two pieces you need to put together your very own Carol Baskin Halloween costume to transform into the freedom-loving founder of Big Cat Rescue. (By the way – we’ve also found all the themes you’ll need to make a Joe’s Exotic Halloween Costume, if you’re thinking of couple costumes!) Even better, they’re all from Amazon, so they’ll arrive by the end of October. You’ll be sending people a “Hey cool cats and kittens” email in no time.

Carol Baskin
A shot of Carol Baskin in her most iconic outfit from the Netflix docu-series Tiger King. The founder of Big Cat Rescue kneels next to one of his lions. (Photo credit: Netflix)

Considering how popular it is The king of tigers it turns out we’re especially keen to help your DIY Carol Baskin costume stand out. Each piece has been carefully selected to match the photo above! We only advise you to check your cart as soon as possible so that everything is delivered by October 31st.

1. Shirt with a tie

This is possibly the most important piece to your Carol Baskin ensemble. As the documentaries open, viewers are introduced to Carol, who is giving a tour of her big cat rescue shelter. For the iconic scene, she dons a shirt that can only be described as one-of-a-kind with a mix of floral and cheetah prints. And yet, we managed to find an exact copy on Amazon! $26, amazon.com

Carol Baskin

2. Flower crown

Of course, you’ll have to wear Ms. Baskin’s favorite accessory: the flower crown. While she flaunts various flower crowns in her wardrobe, the one pictured above is intertwined with dainty pink roses. Amazon saves the day again with an almost exact replica of this flower crown! This piece from Floral Fall is made of polyester leaves and flowers, and the flowers themselves are three centimeters in diameter (so nothing too big on the forehead). The overall diameter of the crown is about 7.87 inches and, best of all, it is handmade! 8 dollars, amazon.com

flower crown

Additional applications

Above are the essentials for a standard DIY Carol Baskin costume. But if you’ve got some extra cash, we’ve got even more suggestions to transform into a very convincing doppelganger of the big cat activist! Here they are below:

A furry friend

To go the extra mile, carry a stuffed lion with you! This plush from the Wild Republic store even lets out a fierce roar (well, as fierce as a soft toy sounds). The roar was also from a real lion recorded by the Cornell Lab! As an added bonus, the stuffing inside this toy is made from recycled water bottles. This toy company is generally committed to environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, which include the use of “reusable packaging, non-toxic, phthalate-free materials, and sustainable resources.” site.

Think about it: The king of tigers was one of the biggest cultural phenomena, so there will be a lot of Carol Baskin Halloween costumes this year. That way, you’ll be sure to stand out with your petite lion in a sea of ​​flower-crown-wearing Netflix lovers. As an added bonus, this little lion measures just 8 x 4 x 6 inches, so you’ll still be able to balance an apple cider drink in your other hand. $14, amazon.com

plush toy lion

Blue flared jeans

Carroll’s style is best described as bohemian. In the photo above of the Netflix star, she’s wearing a pair of blue wide-leg jeans – comfortable enough for a walk around a wildlife sanctuary, but still camera-friendly. So we found this pair of high rise flared jeans that meet both of those criteria! 40 dollars, amazon.com

flared jeans

Berry lip stain

In the photo above, Carole is wearing a berry lip stain that matches her down-to-earth vibe perfectly. If you want to channel the same energy, we recommend choosing HAN Cheek and Lip Color in Rose Berry. We can imagine Carole would also approve of this cheek and lip color since it’s cruelty-free, GMO-free, and paraben-free. Instead, HAN makes its cheek and lip shades with plant-based and mineral pigments—no “harmful synthetic chemicals,” according to its Amazon page. It also contains ingredients like organic argan oil, organic shea butter, coconut and vitamin E to create a soothing effect on your face and lips! $18, amazon.com


Colorful earrings

Long rainbow beaded earrings dangle from Carol’s ears in her photo above. For the finishing touch to your DIY Halloween costume, we found these beaded tassel earrings in the prettiest colors! $12, amazon.com

beaded earrings

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