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‘DWTS’ Heidi D’Amelio & Artem Chigvintsev On Halloween Night (Exclusive) – Hollywood Life


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Heidi D’Amelio not ready for its time Dancing with the stars to come to an end! The star of the reality show and she DWTS partner Artem Chigvintsev revealed their game plan after a brief moment where they faced elimination as they prepare for HALLOWEEN NIGHT! “This is so bad! The focus is really on let’s not let this ever happen again!” Heidi told HollywoodLife.com in an EXCLUSIVE interview. “I feel like I always want to be pushed, but after that I needed to move on.”

Heidi and Artem at the Disney+ evening. (ABC)

Artyom explained that the pair will turn out great spooky for halloween night and keep checking out Heidi’s skills! “We’re going to make it something really scary, I’ve worked really hard to make it possible,” he explained. “We tango and are such strange creatures that I really don’t know how to identify ourselves except as wild monsters.” The pro added: “I hope the judges like it, but more importantly I hope the audience likes it, because at the end of the day they vote.”

He continued: “We are working hard to make sure that we argue with the judges they’ve been telling us for weeks to make it better and bigger and we’re trying to focus on that aspect as well and just pray it’s enough to get us to next week. Bottom 2 is no fun. It’s a terrible feeling.”

Come and Artem. (ABC)

Heidi admitted that the most “difficult” thing for her in the competition was “building up her confidence”, particularly when it comes to “memorizing the choreography”. “I think performing and being an artist doesn’t come naturally to me,” said the self-proclaimed introvert. “I also didn’t realize how much work went into it. I have a lot of respect for all these dancers, everyone involved. It’s a lot, and it’s been a little crazy to adjust, but you know, we’re in it, so let’s do it.”

The D’Amelio Show star also said the experience was a “wonderful opportunity to share” wher daughter, Charlie D’Amelio. “We’re already close because of the nature of everything that’s happened with our family and social media, but I love being able to spend this time with her while she’s in college and doing her own thing, so I’m going to soak it in,” Heidi gushed. The mom-of-two added that she and Charlie jokingly compete with each other and “go back and forth every day,” but everyone “enjoys it!”

New episode Dancing with the stars airs tonight, October 31st at 8pm ET on Disney+! Be sure to tune in and vote!

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