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Enjoy a ‘spooktacular’ stay at The Stanley Hotel


(ESTES PARK, Colo.) — For decades The Stanley Hotel has become a popular tourist destination in Colorado, rich in history and views, and known for its paranormal activity. 

Built in 1903, by Freelan Oscar Stanley, the hotel nestled in Estes Park first served as a guest house for Stanley’s friends while he was diagnosed with tuberculosis. From there, the hotel grew in popularity and took off as a tourist destination when a man named Stephen King checked in. 

King’s visit in 1974, was a unique one when he checked in during the last day of the spooky season in October. His experience during his stay influenced a bigger story, which he then drafted into his best-selling book, “The Shining.”

Today, the 140-room hotel serves as a getaway for guests all year long and has gained in popularity among Shining fans and thrill seekers, alike, for the hotel’s paranormal activity. 

Guests and hotel staff say several rooms in the hotel are known for their haunted activity, including room 217, which is the room Stephen King stayed in, and several rooms on the 4th floor of the hotel. 

Many guests claim to have seen unusual figures, heard children running down the halls, and heard music playing in rooms with no one inside of them.

The Stanley hotel offers tours daily to guests and visitors wanting a more in-depth experience of the hotel with a few scares along the way. 

For more information on the hotel and how to book a tour, visit The Stanley Hotel website. 

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