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Euro 2024 and Paris Olympics Present Unprecedented Data Privacy Risks, Cautions Foot Anstey Law Firm


As Europe gears up for a summer of top-tier sporting events including Euro 2024 and the Paris 2024 Olympics, the technological advancements aimed at enhancing fan engagement also bring unprecedented data privacy risks for sporting federations.

The Hosts and Federations Summit 2024 in Lausanne, Switzerland, organized by Major Events International (MEI), is seen as a pivotal opportunity for organizers of major global sporting events to strategize on maximizing commercial opportunities while mitigating associated risks, according to Tim Williamson, Legal Director at Foot Anstey LLP.

Annalisa Checchi, another Legal Director at Foot Anstey, highlighted the complex landscape organizers face in managing fan engagement data. She pointed to examples like Formula 1’s collaboration with Amazon Web Services, which leverages real-time race data and social media to deliver enhanced fan experiences, and the NBA’s NBA ID loyalty program, which uses fan data for targeted marketing and exclusive offerings.

However, Checchi cautioned that such data management poses significant challenges, including system vulnerabilities and the potential for cyberattacks during high-profile events like the Euros and Olympics. She stressed the importance of transparency, explicit consent, and secure data handling to avoid reputational damage and legal consequences.

As Euro 2024 and Paris 2024 approach, the sports industry faces critical decisions on data privacy practices that will impact both fan experiences and organizational integrity. Emerging federations will closely observe lessons from established events to navigate these complexities.

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