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Famous saguaro ‘Strong-Arm’ falls over in Tortolita Preserve


MARANA, Ariz.  — The famous “Strong-Arm” Saguaro, a symbol of the Sonoran desert, has fallen.

The town of Marana says the 40-foot-tall cactus fell over earlier this month.

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The huge Saguaro had 34 arms, and it was believed to be between 150 and 200 years old.

Mark Johnson/Tortolita Alliance

The Marana Parks and Recreation team has worked to make sure the trail near the cactus is still accessible for hikers and bikers, while also making sure to preserve what is left of “Strong-Arm.”


Marana Parks and Recreation Natural Resources Supervisor Jason Grodman says what is left of the Saguaro will naturally decompose and “breathe new life” into the surrounding desert for years to come.

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