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Hawaii one of the most gym obsessed states: Study


HONOLULU (KHON2) – Hawaii is one of the healthiest states to live in with the highest life expectancy across the United States. 

A new survey ranked the most and least gym-obsessed states and Hawaii came close to the top. 

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Those living in Hawaii get picture-perfect weather almost year-round with the opportunity to bring their workouts outside throughout the day. 

At many state parks, beaches and community trails you will find outdoor workout equipment like pull-up bars, push-up benches and other workout equipment for people to use. 

Fitness Volt came out with their new study of most gym-obsessed states and Hawaii came in third. In first place was New Jersey, then California, then in third was Hawaii. 

Hawaii had the highest level of searches for the word ‘gym’ and the term ‘gym membership’ in the country. 

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To read the full study ranking of the most gym-obsessed states head to Fitness Volt’s website

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