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How is LBCC’s new president settling in?

School President Mike Munoz highlights the new values and goals he aims to achieve during his new position at LBCC. (Photo courtesy of Long Beach City College)

Mike Munoz steps into his new role as permanent president with a focus on student support and campus improvements.

Before starting his official position in January, Munoz served as interim president for 10 months prior. Munoz is approaching his presidency with a new focus, and is thus emphasizing his dedication to school-wide equity.

“I am very humbled and grateful to service this school,” Munoz stated when asked about how he is settling into his new position. 

Munoz and his team have recently completed a strategic plan to reflect LBCC’s new values. The plan intends to create an inclusive environment, provide support to students, incite innovation, and create synergy across the college’s community.

Executive Vice President of LBCC, Nohel Corral, gives insight into these recent changes in values stating, “Munoz’s approach is student-focused as he is constantly pushing for resources to be made available so students who face hardships and disadvantages can succeed.”

There is a big emphasis on housing programs for homeless students this semester. The school has recently partnered with Showers of Hope, an organization that is dedicated to providing housing, meals, and counseling for struggling students.

“We’ve been ramping up the basic needs center, streamlining the student aid application process, and taking the initiative to reach out to students so they may benefit from our programs,” said Munoz.

Through a pre-registration survey taken during enrollment that Munoz and his team initiated, students are able to see if they are eligible for programs like the Basic Needs program.

Munoz also plans to create more student involvement on campus, emphasizing that we should expect more club and local events since COVID-19 restrictions have eased from previous semesters. This has allowed students the opportunity to experience new campus-wide renovations. 

LBCC just completed the renovations of the multidisciplinary (M) building last spring, and more industrious proposals are underway.

These renovations aim to modernize the campus while also creating an aesthetic environment so that students can really enjoy being at school.

Munoz mentions that they are currently in the design stages of the E building. His administration would eventually like to create space for on-campus housing, something Munoz would really like to see.

However, he says that the board hasn’t officially codified this idea yet, and they would still have to submit an application for the funds. 

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