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“It’s Us” by John Wertas tells of Miguel’s death, Rebecca’s “Decline”


His ultimate destiny. This is us finally revealed Miguel’s story on Tuesday, May 3, episode and actor John Wertas exclusively told Us Weekly that “one of the most beautiful” scenes he has ever shot has become the final version. He also teased, which means his end for Rebecca’s story.

«[It was] Sure, it’s still a long time, but yes, I’m really proud of it, ”said Wertas, 52, adding that some of his own experiences inspired Miguel’s big episode.

«Dan [Fogelman, showrunner] asked me at the beginning when they were breaking the script, breaking the story and sorting it out, he said, “Hey, can you come into the writer’s room and talk to everyone?” I was talking, and I was definitely talking about a lot of things that I was dealing with growing up, and we were trying to bring as much of that to Miguel, ”Wertas recalled.

John Wertas as Miguel and Mandy Moore as Rebecca. Ron Batsdorf / NBC

A personal episode revealed that Miguel immigrated with his family from Puerto Rico to the United States and used the name Mike Rivers in his resume to get a job.

The New York native added: “I know that for many years he was involved in the creation of Miguel. We started [and] the character’s name was Mike. He was just Jack’s best friend. And that’s when … we switched [the name] for Miguel, we contributed a lot to who I was – ethnically, personally – in character. So it’s nice to be able to continue this until this episode. “

In addition to showing his childhood, Tuesday This is us also followed Miguel’s affair with Rebecca (Mandy Moore), starting with how they recovered through Facebook and ending with his death. The couple lost touch for several years after Jack (Mila Ventimiglia) died, and Miguel moved across the country to be closer to his children.

“As a fan of Miguel and Rebecca, I would like their story to begin earlier,” admitted Wertas. “I want them both to be ready sooner, but I think it makes sense. I think Miguel needed to find himself and try to understand what was really going on in his heart and head, and try to fix everything with his son and find out his career. ”

Take the fabric!  This is us, John Wertas, talking about Miguel’s fate and Rebecca’s future

John Wertas as Miguel and Mandy Moore as Rebecca. Ron Batsdorf / NBC

He added that Rebecca also needs this place. Miguel left Pittsburgh about a year after Jack’s death, and entering into a relationship at the time would not have been the same. “I think he needed to do that before he was actually ready for Rebecca – and I think Rebecca should have done the same.” Castle – explained the alum. “She had to separate herself from her past love, which is Jack, to find a new love. … I think [Miguel] reminded her a little of Jack or of her life together with Jack. That’s why I think it took such a distance to see if the real thing with Miguel. “

In between memories to the beginning of their friendship and them later novel in 15 episodes of season 6, This is us showed their future. As Rebecca’s Alzheimer’s disease progresses, Miguel becomes her primary caregiver, even firing a hired nurse for the benefit of his wife. However, as Miguel ages and suffers from his heart-related health problems, Kate (Chris Mets), Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Kevin (Justin Hartley) join in to tell Miguel that he must accept help.

“It’s very scary for someone to suddenly have to be an adult educator,” Wertas said. Us. “It takes a lot of energy to support another person and forget about yourself. I think the people around them need it – what the Big Three did for Miguel – they really got more active later in life. We have that wonderful scene where the Big Three asks Miguel to please let them take care of him now. And I think it was just one of the most beautiful moments for filming that I was ever a part of. Looking into all three of their eyes as an actor was easy – I felt like they were asking me, John, if they could take care of me, and it was real. And I think it should happen more often in families. “

Miguel’s death will be “difficult” for Pearson, the actor hinted before the finale of the series. “It will be difficult. And, as we have seen in many stories, as soon as two older people … as soon as this life partner is taken away, there is usually a fairly rapid decline. So we can see something like this if Rebecca moves forward. “

Although Miguel died, This is us fans know that doesn’t necessarily mean Wertas worshiped. “A lot of people died in our show and we saw them come back. We have these tools to make this possible, ”he teased. “So never say never.”

The final season This is us airs on NBC on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on ET.

Report by Christina Garibaldi

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