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Man Accused of Sexually Coercing Teenager at Kingston Shopping Mall – NECN


A Worcester man is in custody in Kingston tonight after he allegedly tried to entice a child under 16 into having sex. The reason he’s in custody? A detailed description of him given by a 13-year-old in a 9/11 call.

“His description is really what made the job easy for us to be able to respond fast and locate him as fast as we did,” said John Sjostedt, the Kingston Police Dispatcher who received the call shortly after 5 p.m.

Dispatcher Sjostedt was informed by a 13-year-old that an older man was targeting children at the Kingston Collection Shopping Mall and making sexual advances on them.

Sjostedt immediately contacted security at the shopping mall, and alerted them to 52-year-old Martin Joe Rosa, who had been making advances toward a 15-year-old girl, one in a group of four teenagers visiting the mall.

“[He] made statements along the lines of, ‘What do I have to do to get in your pants tonight?’ Things like that,” said Kingston Police Sergeant Michael Skowyra. According to Sgt. Skowyra, the group of teenagers had also heard Rosa offering drugs and alcohol.

“When you’re talking to older men who you don’t know, that’s where the question comes into play as to what their motivations are. These kids did the right thing,” Skowyra continued.

Justyna Roellke, a shopper at the mall and mother of two applauded the teens who contacted the police, along with their parents.

“Your kids need to know when something is unsafe, and they need to know how to react to it.”

Dispatcher Sjostedt was just thankful that a potential tragedy was avoided, much to the credit of the teenagers who knew who to call.

“When everything works together like that… It’s not all the time that it happens like that, it’s very rewarding, and it’s awesome,” said Sjostedt.

Kingston Police took Martin Rosa to County Jail where he awaits an arraignment scheduled for Monday morning, May 9.

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