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St. Louis County Circuit Attorney’s Office

Tommie Coffer Jr. was found guilty today for the murder of an elderly woman in his care.

This evening the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office announced that a jury found 58-year-old Tommie Coffer Jr. guilty of first degree murder for killing Geneva Richardson, 94, at her home in Florissant, Missouri.

The murder happened in December 2017 when Coffer was working in Richardson’s home providing night-shift elder care.

Over the course of that month, Coffer wrote $7,000 in Richardson’s personal checks to himself. On December 18, according to the Circuit Attorney’s statement, Richardson discovered the check fraud and confronted Coffer, which triggered the brutal attack.

Coffer left Richardson’s house in an Uber. Later, police went to where the Uber had dropped Coffer off and found a pillow stained with Richardson’s blood and a broken skillet that prosecutors said was “one of several murder weapons.”

At trial, the Medical Examiner testified that the extensive wounds on Richardson’s body were “a road map” of her homicide and “a road map of [Coffer’s] deliberation.”

At trial, Coffer’s defense claimed that Coffer’s mother was the one who actually killed Richardson, an argument the jury did not buy.

“It takes a special kind of evil to kill a 94-year-old woman over money and to try to pin the murder on his own mother shortly before Mother’s Day,” St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Wesley Bell says in a statement. “Our trial team and I thank the jury for having the courage to finish the fight and finish the story for the victim and her family.”

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Coffer was acquitted of another murder in 1995. In 1998, police said he was the last person to see Richard Spears alive. Spears lived in Country Club Hills, a small municipality in north county, and was later found dead in a car on Jennings Station Road.

Coffer will be sentenced for the murder of Richardson on June 24.

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