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Mykelty’s wife’s sister has a “bond” with Christine, Robin, during childbirth


Twice as many moms, twice as much support! Wife’s sisterMichaeltie Brown gushed over her mom Christine Brownand dad Cody Brownfourth wife Robin Brownwhile preparing to give birth to the first child.

“I’m not going to have a birth dad because, honestly, it’s weird,” Mikelti, 26, said in Us WeeklyExclusive TLC series preview for Sunday, September 25. “As long as there’s only my mom Christine and my mom Robin, I’m much closer to those two.”

The reality star is one of Cody, 53, and Christine six children added: “I’m very attached to these two. I wanted to make sure that my birth, selfishly, I want my birth to be about me.”

Michaeltie Brown Courtesy of Mykelti Brown

In the clip, Christine, 50, explained that Robyn, 43, was unable to attend Mikelty’s home birth in person “due to COVID,” but she made sure she was on a conference call “the entire time” in accordance with her daughter’s wishes. (Mykelti gave birth to a daughter, Avalon, in April 2021.)

“Robin and Mykelti have a very, very special bond,” Christine explained in the video. “When Robin showed up at the family, she immediately hugged Mikelty. I will always love and respect Robyn for her relationship with Mykelti.”

Cody got married Mary Brown in 1990 and three years later they were spiritually married Janelle Brown. He and Christine tied the knot in 1994, and Robin joined the family in 2010.

Four years later, the Wyoming native divorced 51-year-old Mary. so he could legally marry Robin and adopt her three childrenDavid22, Aurora20 and Breanna, 17 — from the previous union. Cody and Robin later had two children: Solomon10 and Ariel6.

In November 2021, Kristin surprised fans by announcing that after 25 years of being together with Cody, the couple had separated. The former are divided son Pedon23 years old, and daughters Aspin27, Mykelty, Gwendlyn20, Isabel19, and Indeed12.

Mykelti, for his part, married Antonio “Tony” Padron in December 2016. The duo welcomed Avalon after almost five years in the spring of 2021 and announced in June that they were expanding their lineup.

“WE ARE HAVING TWINS!!!!” Mykelti wrote via Instagram in June. “Miss Avalon is going to be a big sister in December (twins coming sooner so maybe sooner).”

She added: “Tony and I definitely didn’t plan or expect this, but we’re both excited about our upcoming adventure and all the chaos and love it brings.”

In the 17th season Wife’s sisterMikelty told viewers how she got in touch with Robin, noting at usA first look at Sunday’s episode she lived with robin for “several months” when she first courted Cody.

“That’s why I’m still around Robyn and her kids because we just spent time together,” she told the cameras. Mykelti’s relationship with Robin she doesn’t seem to have changed since her mom and dad split up.

In fact, during the teaser, Christine revealed that it “doesn’t even matter” if Robin knows that her relationship with Cody is “over” because women were “here for Mykelti” when she first became a mom.

Wife’s sister airs Sundays at 10pm ET on TLC.

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