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Our equity mission – OPB


As we work to build the region’s most trusted news organization, we are proud to focus our equity mission on: 1) better serving all communities across the Northwest; and 2) creating a workplace and culture where all OPB employees feel valued, feel seen and can thrive.

Our audience

We must serve our audiences more equitably and inclusively. We are working to lift up the voices of diverse and marginalized communities, confronting injustices, and holding those in power and those with privilege accountable—beginning with ourselves.

And in order to understand and report on the communities that call this region home, OPB’s staff needs to reflect those communities.

Our workplace

We must foster a culture for our employees in which people of all backgrounds and abilities experience a sense of belonging, safety, value and investment. Our workplace must be one where every employee feels comfortable asking hard questions and challenging the status quo.

Learn more about our commitment to equity here. [Link to full equity statement]

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