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The top 7 the artists performed twice in the May 8 episode American idol. One of the performances was dedicated to the mothers of the singers, and the other – a song that went viral because of TikTok. Before the artists came on stage, Ryan Seacrest found that Noah Thompson and Fritz Hager had positive result for COVID-19 before the episode. Noah was able to perform virtually from his hotel room, but had to use footage from Fritz’s rehearsals.

First up, Leah Marlene sang her song TikTok “Electric Love”. She stepped out of her comfort zone and danced on stage during the performance. “Movement is everything” Lionel Richie told her. “Performance is what matters. Singing is one thing, but you’ve been everywhere. You did a great job. “

7 best performances of “American Idol”.

Next, Jay Copeland in the performance of “I have nothing.” Whitney Houston. Lionel applauded him while standing, and Katy Perry gushed over the performance. “This time the runs were so unique and so artistic,” she raved. “You’re not just a singer, you were a subscriber and you did it. You paid tribute to Whitney Houston’s song. “

Jay Copeland
Jay Copeland while listening to “American Idol”. (ABC)

Jay was followed by Fritz. He sang the original song and called through a video from his hotel room to hear what the judges thought of his rehearsal footage. “For you to switch so much from an acoustic guitar to an electric guitar and have that moment of a rock star, it looked and sounded weird.” Luke Brian Said Fritz. “You just got all the tools.” Fortunately, Fritz said he is feeling well and hopes to return next week.

Christian Guardina sang “Lonely” c Justin Bieber. Lionel spoke cheerfully and assured that he was “unique” and not “broken”, as he said in his pre-sealed package. “The reason you’re on this stage is because you’re unique on this planet,” Lionel said. “Your talent shines through like a diamond. Just stay tuned. ”

Next up on stage was The girl-hunter. She sang “You Broke Me First”. Tate McRaeby putting his country whist into a pop song. “You’re just so natural on this stage,” Katie admitted. “I’m so grateful that all of you are using the stage tonight. You become the artists you dream of. ”

Next was Noah’s virtual performance. He sang “Painted Blue”, a song he had previously sung at TikTok and received a positive response from fans. All three judges applauded Noah while standing. “Great, great, great job,” Luke said, adding that it was one of Noah’s “best performances.” Noah said he was feeling well and “coping” and assured the judges he was “experiencing”.

Finally, the enthusiast TikTok Nicoline came on stage to sing “One.” The crowd and judges were amazed by her incredible vocals. PLUS, she has to create her own viral TikTok with will.i.am!

Performance “American Idol” for Mother’s Day

To start the round for Mother’s Day, Jay returned with the performance of “Songs for Mom,” which is one of his mom’s favorite songs. “The growth for you has been phenomenal,” Katie said. “You’ve found exactly who you are, and you’ll never go back.”

Fritz while listening to “American Idol”. (ABC)

Next Fritz returned to the spotlight with another original song for his mom. Once again, his rehearsal footage was used, but he still impressed the judges. “You look like a pro, you sound like a pro. It was just another weird show, ”Luke said.

Next, Leah dedicated the “Shrine” to her mother. “Sound, your story… you found this place. You have found your center. You can take it for the rest of your life and make the greatest career in history, ”Lionel raved. Leah was followed by HunterGirl performing “Like My Mother Does”. Lauren Alena. Katie was in tears when she finished. “You got a platinum ticket, and you still deserve a platinum ticket today,” Katie confirmed.

Noah returned almost next, singing the song “Landslide” for his grandmother. And again all the judges got to their feet. “The right vibrations are happening [in that room] for you, – admitted Luke. “Whatever happens, you look like a star in this room.” For her second performance, Nikolina sang “Light in the Corridor”. Katie assured Nikolina that both of her performances were “Plus Plus”, and Luke and Lionel described the performance as “perfect”.

Christian finished the second round with a powerful performance of “Dear God”. The audience went crazy. “You sang it was second skin, like you sang it a hundred times. It was one of your best. It was really you, ”Katie said.

Published top 5 “American Idol”.

Despite all the amazing performances, the two artists who received the lowest number of votes had to be eliminated. Ryan announced five performers who were safe: Noah Thompson, Nicolina, HunterGirl, Leah Marlene and Fritz Hager. That is what Christian Guardina and Jay Copeland were eliminated.

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