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Women from The view they are not used to dealing with scary “hot topics” at the table every day, but they did not hold back from celebrating Halloween. Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sunny Gastin, Sarah Haynes, Alice Farah Griffinand Ana Navarro all coordinated as characters from classic TV shows, incl Sex and the City, Sheets Creek, married with children and more. All the women looked absolutely gorgeous in their costumes for the spooky celebration of the season.

The ladies kicked off the show with a sketch inspired by 1960s sitcoms where everyone came over to Joy’s house for a wild dinner party! The ladies are sitting in front of the TV watching Whoopi as Rod Sterling twilight zone, which announces that all women are dressing up as TV characters for Halloween, Monday, October 31. The black and white sketch was a total throwback to anyone who grew up on the TV classic. After the sketch, the women were cut into the opening credits for the show, from which their characters were taken, which were spread throughout the series Twitter.

Wearing a red robe from The Handmaid’s Tale, Whoopi made a statement. (ABC)

While she was last shown, Whoopi was in an incredibly powerful costume, dressed as one of the women in Gilead from The Handmaid’s Tale for her costume. She had a strong pro-choice message printed on the back of the classic red gown shown before she entered the set. “My body, my choice. My life, my choice. Not yours,” said the suit.

Alice looked gorgeous as Carrie Bradshaw. (ABC)

For Alice’s first Halloween on the show, she paid homage to one of her favorite TV shows sex in the city and she said this Sarah Jessica Parker Carrie Bradshaw is one of her favorite characters of all time. She stunned in a pink dress with a curly blonde wig. “When Sex in the big city The first premiere, I wasn’t actually allowed to watch it, but I snuck into my best friend’s house and watched it,” she said. “I’ve always been Carrie. I wanted to be her: style, fashion, all of it.” She later changed into Carrie’s wedding dress later in the show.

Sunny looked regal like Queen Charlotte. (ABC)

Sunny wore an elegant dress and a large wig fit for royalty. She revealed that she wanted to pay tribute to the historic figure of Queen Charlotte Bridgerton was based on, and Golda Rochevel even sent her a special video message. “I love Bridgerton. I especially love the duke and the queen’s character. She’s actually based on a historically accurate figure, Queen Charlotte, who was biracial, and I just thought what better way to pay homage to that queen than to try to replicate her?” she said. Sunny changed costumes during the show giving a different royal look.

Sarah chose a black jumpsuit as Moira from the modern sitcom classic. (ABC)

Sarah did her best Catherine O’Hara impression dressed as actress Moira Rose’s character on the show. She wore a black wig and a leather suit. While she did an accent in the sketch, Sarah promised not to do it for the rest of the show, but she admitted to being a big fan of the show “Katherine O’Hara is a comedic genius,” she said. Sarah also changed outfits inspired by Moira’s various outfits.

Joy joked about getting a wig to play the Married With Children character. (ABC)

Joy chose an older sitcom like Peggy Bundy from Married with children. She wore a huge wig (which she said was the reason she wanted to wear the costume) as well as leggings and a pink top. “I like the wig. She was also confident, open. She was brutally honest. She expressed her opinion. I admire that in any woman,” she said.

Ana welcomed Charo as a surprise guest at the beginning of the show. (ABC)

Ana dressed as a cult singer charo who famously sang the theme for Boat of love, and she cited the classic show as her childhood inspiration, only to be interrupted by a surprise appearance by Charo herself! “Imagine being a little immigrant girl coming here and seeing a Hispanic woman with an accent on TV,” she said.

Women also joined Randall Park and Aubrey Plaza celebrate Halloween. In a reference to it recently Blockbuster TV show, Randall is dressed as his character, who is a manager at a video store chain. The actress who is no stranger to horror movies after she starred in 2019 Children’s game the remake looked great in a sexy witch costume. When Aubrey joined the women, she jokingly called out Joy for her recent claims that she had sex with ghosts on the show. “I have a score to settle with you,” Aubrey said, pointing at Joey. “You had sex with my ghost and that was it my a ghost!”

Before their costumes, the ladies have already gotten into the Halloween spirit, discussing spooky hot topics earlier this month. While talking about ghosts, Joy allowed a a terrible mystery. “I had sex with several ghosts and never got pregnant,” she joked.

The costumes were very different from them looks from last year where all the ladies paid tribute to some of their favorite musicals of all time. They had a full-on “Viewsical,” complete with their own opening number that interpolated bits from a lot of classic shows. Whoopi went over the top with the Audrey II full outfit from little shop of horrors but her colleagues went on to more screen-oriented musicals. Joy went like purple from The Rocky Horror Show. The rest of the ladies were inspired by famous actresses who appeared in musicals, such as Ana as Eva Peron from Evita (whom he played Madonna), Sarah as Nicole Kidman character from Moulin Rouge, and Sunny takes a page from Beyonce the book as dream girl Dina Jones.

Women on The view tend to pick a theme and stick to it! In 2019, all women took inspiration from the classics Stephen King books and movies and there were really scary costumes! The show featured Whoopi as a character Pet Sematary cat Church, Sunny as the terrifying clown Pennywise with it is and Joy reunited with her former host Meghan McCain to be the Grady twins Radiance. Former owner Abby Huntsman dressed as Carrie from the novel of the same name.

The year before, women were a little less united, the theme being strong women. Since the women chose their own costumes, it was a unique opportunity to see the personality of each of the co-hosts. Whoopi performed as Vampirina from the children’s cartoon while Sunny celebrated Black Panther Akoye (someone asked if she saw Black Panther: Wakanda Forever yet?), and Joy got creative as a “Midterm-inator” who was inspired Arnold Schwarzenegger known Terminator. Show co-hosts Abby and Megan, who have since left the program, went as Lady Gaga (in three different outfits inspired by the “Poker Face” singer), and Elsa z frozen respectively.

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