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Singapore – A gateway to many businesses

Fashion in Singapore is a big business.The apparel market valued at US$2,705m in 2020(Source:Statista).The contribution of the population out there who have marked shopping here as  a National hobby giving a data of  around 49% of the total population. Singapore’s fashion apparel industry recordsan Annual growth rate (CAGR 2018-2022) of 11.4%. Singaporeprojects to be among the top few nations in Asia for the per capita spending on clothing and footwear.

Singapore’s fashion has undergone a huge transition in the past years.The bedazzled tracksuits ,two- in- one layered tops ,graphic T-shirts ,punk goth accessories, way-too-baggy cargo pants were a craze of fashion in Singapore in  2000s and now in 2021’s trending pieces include the cropped Cardigans, loungewear inspired bottoms, baguette bags and tiered dresses. Crocs , thong sandals and low-rise jeans are in a trend now a days.

The youths here derive inspiration from Western influencers onTiktok and Instagram such as Emma Chamberlain ,Wisdom Kaye and Chriselle Lim and target them as their fashion destination.Shops like Princess Polly ,Urban Outfitters, Aritziaand Zara are active enough to pick up the trends ,sponsor these influencers ,who in turn put forth a massive feed to the audiences for a “must have” pieces.

The fashion industry in Singapore has witnessed sustainability and eco-friendliness as the priority of customers. The consumers sensitivity towards the impact of over-consumption on the environment has led to the sustainability plans ,such as Singapore Green Plan 2030.This has embarked shift in materials used for manufacturing new clothing like recycled cotton instead of new cotton, as well as transformation of packaging materials making it eco-friendly by using honeycomb paper instead of bubble wrapping and other biodegradable materials. “Thrifting” has become more popular with the sustainability trending around, extending priority to buying and selling second hand or vintage clothing in place of new ones.

Singaporeans regional impact on fashion inspiration is derived from the culture of Japan and China. The mixed patterns , saturated colours ,curated collections sets a demarcation for the extraordinary fashion out here. The impact of Japanese fashion can be reflected by the muted colours, slouchy silhouettes reflecting a completely different fashion Vibes.

Some Singaporean brands have become famous both locally and acquired fame internationally. These are Love Bonito ,Charles & Keith , Kydra  and In Good Company .Modelle offers accessories that are hypoallergenic jewellery  and  clip-on versions of certain earring styles. The upcoming name is shoe brand is Our Daily Avenue. It crafts comfortable yet stylish footwear to give a meaning to our wear.

The effect of both regional and global culture outpour in the Singaporean fashion style. They are prone to incorporating new ways of styling and expanding their limits giving a vast range to its taste.


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