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Singapore:The pride of Asia

Singapore:The pride of Asia

The lifestyle of Singapore is a blend of ethnic culture and harmony. The whole atmosphere is Cosmopolitan due to the immigration of foreigners in the past years. Living at Singapore is an explicit experience with good infra-structure, Medical facilities,education , housing ,recreation , transport option and reasonable taxation.

People here enjoy a comfortable lifestyle which ensures safety and security to its people. It is a progressive nation that offers enormously to the people living out there. Singapore is indeed a country with low criminal rates with transparency in legal matters , supportive defence system combined with enterprising citizens.

It ranks top in terms of living standards by Global Human resource Consultancy, Mercer. The smart-nation vision of the country fosters it to continuously work upon raising the standard of its residents by its increasing connectivity and sustainable resources. It has shortest flight routes to most of the beautiful countries of the world.

Singapore offers conducive environment for doing business thereby attracting wide range of investors. The quality of living of a country is wholly responsible for magnetizing greater mass for businesses and mobile talents.

The nation although geographically small and limited in resources,  is striving to fulfill its “Smart Nation Vision”. The forward – thinking policies have enabled Singapore become infrastructurally strong and develop economically contributing widely in making its residents beneficial. The foreign investors are enticed by the country’s open trade policies, social stability , Classic Infrastructure and International communication links.

Its environment ranges from wide variety of flora and fauna. Its parks, mangroves, tidal flats and coral reefs enhances its beauty. ItsBotanical garden is the first UNESCO Heritage site and the award-winning gardens by the Bay.

The country’s focus on export of electronics and chemical to richer industrialised nations embrace it as one of the busiest port of the world. Its knowledge – based and diversified economy shelters multi-national investments and radiate it as a hub for  Research & Development hub (R & D) and Bio-medical.

It has expediated as the best Health-care destination in Asia. It has advancement of technology in health care industry, expert doctors and specialist. It has adopted a public-private partnership in health care financing. “Medisave” is a major component of this system , where a mandatory monthly contribution is made by every working resident to the Medisave portion of his central provident fund account. And this contributes massively in the payment of medical expenses.

The positive initiatives taken by the Singapore government empowers it with a variety of ways to be quoted for. The government has laid down five basic “Shared Vales” paving a way for a distinct Singapore identity – Nation before community and society above self ; family as the basic unit of society; community support and respect for the individual ; consensus not conflict ; racial and religious harmony.


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