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Spotlight on Success: McNary High School teacher, Natalie Peton


McNary High School educator, Natalie Peton, was honored by Principal Erik Jespersen at the April 12, 2022, school board meeting.

Meet Natalie

Students and staff appreciate her positive outlook, passion for her subject area, and willingness to work with and support her students so they can be successful.

Mrs. Peton teaches freshman World Social Science and AP Government. Students in her classes not only learn social studies, they also learn about history and current world events.

Mrs. Peton celebrates all students and their heritages. Posted in her room are large maps that each student has marked with a pin to show where they were born and where their families are from.

A look inside the classroom

Her classroom environment encourages students to be organized, to take ownership for their learning, and to collaborate with each other.

Mrs. Peton is an incredibly effective teacher, instructing students how to take focused notes, read rigorous texts and think critically. She has created a welcoming environment where students are supported and held to a high standard.

In addition, Mrs. Peton serves on McNary’s Advisory Committee where she helps to create lesson plans and is a lead for her grade level team.

During the 2020-21 school year, McNary had the highest graduation rate in the district at 96.23%. That was an improvement of 5.02 percentage points from the previous year. McNary is proud of their hardworking educators and their dedication to students who made this happen.

Thank you, Natalie, for all you do.

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