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Stoughton High School bans gay-pride, Black Lives Matter and ‘thin blue line’ flags


Administrators at a high school in the Boston suburbs banned the display of LGBTQ Pride, Black Lives Matter and “thin blue line” police flags in an effort to remove any political items from the school.

An unnamed staffer at Stoughton High School told the Boston Globe that employees also were told not to use the term “DEI,” which stands for “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion,” because the term is “politically charged.”

The newspaper reported that school principal Juliette Miller sent an email around to staff last week that said “we need to avoid placing items in the classroom that can cause disruption or distraction.”

Ms. Miller went on to say that prohibiting the display of gay-pride or police flags demonstrates that the school is “an inclusive environment and wants to maintain that inclusivity.”

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Stoughton Public Schools Superintendent Thomas Raab called the ban “part of a consistent effort by the district to limit potential disruptions to students’ learning, so that our students and faculty can focus on educational lessons inside the classroom.”

The school did purchase LGBTQ ally stickers that teachers can put on their doors once they’re delivered.

Mr. Raab told Fox News Digital that they had been placed at the entrances to high school classrooms as of Tuesday and will soon go on the doors to middle school classrooms.

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