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Top 5 Free PDF Creator Apps for iPhone in 2022


PDF is quickly becoming a popular file format in the workplace, necessitating software that would be both simple to use and capable of handling a wide range of files. All you’ll need is a more advanced software programme that could “read” the text in the image and convert it to editable alphanumeric letters.

Many of us don’t want to pay for the PDF applications for our iOS device. so, we’ve compiled a list of  top 5 free PDF applications. They’re all unique in their own way, so just be sure you pick the one that’s right for you.

Adobe Acrobat Reader: Edit PDF

With over 635 million downloads, Adobe Acrobat is the world’s most trusted PDF viewer. It is credited with inventing the PDF viewer. And by essentially, we mean that they invented the PDF reader. Their PDF application for iOS is nearly as excellent as Foxit PDF Editor, one of the popular app, and it even has some premium (paid) capabilities. You can do everything you’re used to doing with PDF markup – annotating, highlighting, commenting, and linking – and you can even utilise eSign for critical documents. One feature of their software that we enjoy is that it analyzes your device and displays all PDF files under the LOCAL section. If you use PDFs from your smart phone all day at work, this is really useful.

PDF Reader & Annotator by Xodo

If you want to take notes in class, modify a recipe, adapt plans, rewrite and sign agreements, fill out paperwork, or simply read a nice book, it makes your life easier. Another excellent PDF mobile software on the market is Xodo, which claims to help you “get things done.” It has several useful features including form filling, document sync, and eSign, as well as the ability to transform any document into a “virtual conference room” by sharing it with colleagues.

PDF Expert: PDF Editor

Whether you’re using a Mac or a mobile device, PDF Expert is the programme to use for all your marking requirements. It performs an outstanding job of showing files, loading pages rapidly, and makes switching between pages, even inside larger documents, a joy. You may select between continuous scroll mode, single page view, and a mode with two pages side-by-side on the display. When you need to swiftly skim over a document, this two-page option comes in handy.

Foxit PDF Editor

This PDF editor for iPhone is able to do a lot, but it focuses on the essential features that will make your life simpler. The UI is simple and straightforward, with no annoying advertisements. You may concentrate on your activities and make use of the numerous tools available to get the outcomes you want. It is also lightweight and quick to use.

Soda PDF Merge

For your iPhone smartphone, use Soda PDF Merge to merge several files into one PDF. It can merge anything you need to start marking up or keeping carefully, including photos, contracts, bank documents. What makes Soda PDF Merge so great is that it supports over 100 formats, ensuring that you’ll never be left with a file that you can’t convert to PDF on the fly.

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