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What is available is not available to businesses during government closures


NEW YORK (AP) – Small business owners are increasingly feeling the effects of a partial shutdown of the government on the 17th. Agencies, including Small Business Administration and IRS do not provide information and services, although SBA disaster lending operations work.

See what’s available and what’s not available for businesses:

SBA Credits and Certificates

The SBA does not process loan applications, which means that owners looking for business loans will have to wait until the government reopens to see if they have been approved. Owners can still apply for loans, as the process begins with applying to a bank that is an SBA lender.

SBA certificates are also not processed. Companies hoping to get certified, such as a business owned by women, cannot apply, and they also cannot find out the status of a previously submitted application. Small businesses use certificates in bidding on public and private contracts, as well as in marketing.


Companies that already work for the government will not receive money for their work until the termination of work is over. Companies that are bidding on contracts and want to know if they won may have to wait – the result will depend on whether the agency and the contractor are working.

In some cases, contractors are not allowed to perform government work during the shutdown.

Operating agencies publish bidding opportunities. protection,

Departments of Agriculture and Justice were among those who posted opportunities on the government bidding website, www.fedbizopps.gov on Monday. However, civil servants listed as contacts on a specific basis may not be available.

Employee certification

Employers cannot be sure that their new employees are eligible to work in US Government Verification Website, www.e-verify.gov available for informational purposes but does not provide verification services.


All taxpayers, including business owners and tax advisors, cannot be contacted IRS employees to get information or get answers to their questions. Phone calls on IRS, including his phone line for tax professionals, meets a record stating that the service is unavailable. The IRS website, www.irs.gov works, and taxpayers can pay tax payments and view their account information.


Businesses and homeowners can apply for disaster relief through the SBA website, www.sba.gov and www.disasterassistance.gov .

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