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Discover 8 Safe Caribbean Islands to Explore During Hurricane Season


You’re set on organizing an enjoyable summer getaway for your family, all while ensuring you stick to your budget this year. While exploring the best deals, you find enticing options in the Caribbean, though the thought of summer being hurricane season for the islands gives you pause. Nonetheless, traveling during the Atlantic hurricane season (running from June 1 to November 30) doesn’t necessarily mean stormy conditions are inevitable.

The likelihood of encountering a storm during your trip varies depending on the specific Caribbean location you choose. Some islands have notably lower odds of hurricane activity due to their southward positioning and climate. Chase the sun and secure a fantastic deal by considering one of the following hurricane-free islands:


Ideal for families with babies and young toddlers, Curacao offers a unique Caribbean experience with its distinct language, exclusive fruit varieties, and UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring charming sorbet-colored buildings. From beaches to mountains, outdoor adventures abound here. In Willemstad, the capital city, both young and old can delve into history while exploring streets infused with European influences. Attractions such as an ostrich farm, tropical gardens with mini-golf and playgrounds, and a children’s museum ensure entertainment for the little ones.

The Lionsdive Beach Resort boasts direct access to a private beach and a tranquil swimming cove, perfect for introducing young ones to the ocean without overwhelming waves or currents. The resort provides essential baby amenities free of charge, along with two pools, four on-site restaurants, and dedicated family areas.

San Andrés

For beach enthusiasts, San Andrés, nestled within Colombia’s coastal region, promises dreamy shores and a relaxed atmosphere. Accessible by golf cart, this island offers picturesque beaches on the mainland and neighboring cays just a short boat ride away. Families can enjoy floating bars, where even kids can savor refreshing virgin cocktails.

The Sol Caribe Campo Hotel stands out with its all-inclusive packages and family-friendly amenities, including a private beach club, unlimited buffet meals, three swimming pools (one with slides and a playground), and entertainment options for all ages.


Adventure seekers will find paradise in Barbados, the easternmost Caribbean island, offering a plethora of thrilling activities. From exploring mystical caves to hiking in monkey-filled rainforests and enjoying underwater adventures, there’s something for everyone here. Additionally, you can experience the island’s rich British cultural heritage, evident in its architecture and traditions.

Turtle Beach by Elegant Hotels combines all-inclusive convenience with boutique hotel intimacy, offering family-friendly features like a kids’ club, jungle gym, children’s pool, and cultural activities.

St. Lucia

Renowned for its breathtaking scenery, St. Lucia offers equally captivating experiences for families. Beyond its romantic appeal, the island boasts hiking trails suitable for all ages, volcanic hot springs, mud baths, and a variety of water sports activities.

Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort provides a St. Lucian experience with its Mediterranean-inspired architecture and family-friendly offerings, including movie nights, a kids’ club, and villas for larger families, along with an optional all-inclusive package.


Perfect for culture enthusiasts, Grenada beckons with its unspoiled beaches, spice plantations, and hidden waterfalls. Families can immerse themselves in local culture through cooking classes, visits to markets, and beach outings.

Mount Cinnamon offers boutique accommodations with family-friendly amenities such as a botanical trail, swimming pool, private beach club, and a kids’ club.


Appealing to thrill-seekers, Aruba combines relaxing beach vibes with adventurous activities like ATV rides, zip-lining, and snorkeling. Families can also enjoy a private island experience at De Palm Island.

Renaissance Wind Creek Aruba Resort caters to families with spacious suites, multiple dining options, beaches for both adults and kids, and entertainment facilities, including a youth club.

Trinidad & Tobago

Nature lovers will appreciate the raw beauty of Trinidad and Tobago, with opportunities to explore rainforests, beaches, and wildlife reserves. Tobago, in particular, offers eco-resorts and natural attractions like waterfalls and coral lagoons.

Castara Retreats provides an intimate eco-resort experience with treehouse-style lodges and proximity to nature, perfect for families seeking an authentic local experience.


A haven for snorkeling and scuba diving enthusiasts, Bonaire boasts numerous dive sites and pristine coral reefs accessible directly from the shore. With minimal rainfall and warm temperatures, it’s an ideal destination for families keen on underwater adventures.

Delfins Beach Resort offers spacious accommodations, fine dining options, eco-friendly pools, and a dive center for exploring Bonaire’s underwater wonders.