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Here’s how Rex Ryan reacted to the Patriots beating the Jets in Week 8


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Ryan remained defiant despite another Patriots win over the Jets, labeling Mac Jones “horrible.”

Devin McCourty and the Patriots defense celebrates another Zach Wilson interception. Jim Davis/Globe Staff

The Patriots managed to come away with a 22-17 win over the Jets on Sunday.

The Celtics beat the Wizards also on Sunday, 112-94.

Tomorrow, the Bruins will be in Pittsburgh to play the Penguins at 8 p.m.

Rex Ryan’s response to the Jets losing to the Patriots: Prior to the kickoff of the Patriots-Jets Week 8 game on Sunday, Rex Ryan — who coached the Jets for six seasons — labeled New England a “JV team.”

Ryan added that he hoped the Jets would “just stomp them,” referencing the Patriots.

Following New England’s eventual win, how did Ryan react?

Now an ESPN analyst, Ryan made his first appearance of Monday morning on the “Keyshawn, JWill & Max” show. The lead-in for his interview was sponsored by Grey Goose vodka, as Ryan noted.

“Good morning. I could’ve used some Grey Goose after watching that Jets-Patriots game yesterday,” he joked.

Ryan retained a level of optimism, however, despite Zach Wilson’s three interceptions.

“I will say this: If you were a Jet fan, would you take 5-3 at the bye? Anybody would’ve signed up for that,” he explained. “To me, all is not lost but I think we all saw that there was an opportunity there that the Jets have closed the gap on New England, and quite honestly if a couple plays are different, they win that game.”

Speaking during a “Get Up!” segment later in the morning, Ryan shared more of his thoughts.

Chronicled under a segment titled “biggest disappointment,” he lamented the loss while remaining defiant.

“Oh my gosh, the Jets against the Patriots. We lose again,” said Ryan as a highlight of the game played on-screen.

“Look at this, we get a pick six,” he added of the Jets’ play that was called back due to a roughing the passer penalty on New York defensive end John Franklin-Myers. “Hey Mac Jones, you’re horrible, my friend, on that play right there. That’s all we’d be talking about. Instead, we got this stupid [roughing the passer penalty], and now our quarterback played stupid on this [play]. Three interceptions. Zach Wilson, you’re young but come on. The best play is to throw the thing away, but unfortunately we lose again for the 13th time in a row to New England.”

The Patriots face the Jets again on Nov. 20 at Gillette Stadium. Ryan stood by his upbeat message for New York fans.

“Here’s what he has to realize,” Ryan said of Wilson. “Your team is better than the New England Patriots. So act like it. Just go get rid of the football. Take the incompletion. Live to fight another down. He has to learn from this, and once he does, I’m so encouraged by the Jets, because the Jets are better than that team.”

With the loss, the Jets fell to 5-3 while the Patriots moved to 4-4.

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(Answer at the bottom).

Hint: One was for the Patriots in 2001, the other was for the Chargers in 2005.

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